You Make a Difference When You Champion Equal Justice

A momentous challenge is before you. How will you respond?

NLS needs your help now more than ever. The number of civil cases is as large as it's ever been before. Just a sampling:

  • Victims of domestic abuse couldn't seek help when isolated. Now, they urgently need PFA filings.
  • Many families who have lost income incurred debt trying to stay afloat. Now they're facing real threats to their health and safety.
  • Renters and landlords both have rights. Legal counsel is the only way to ensure justice for both.

The lawyers at NLS are already Championing Equal Justice for these vulnerable families. Won't you help?

Legal Services Provided to Clients

Through your generous donations, NLS is able to Champion Equal Justice and provide a variety of critical legal services to people who have nowhere else to turn for legal help. These services include:

Legal Services Provided to the Community

Your gifts allow NLS to Stand Up for Equal Justice and provide other services and programs to the members of our community, including: