You can make a difference.

With your support, our door can stay open

For over a half century, Neighborhood Legal Services (NLS) has been a vital safety net for families living in poverty who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Unlike in the criminal justice system, the U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee legal representation in civil legal matters. NLS attorneys and pro bono volunteers bring fairness, equity, and justice to all they counsel. More so, NLS offers the hope of breaking down barriers and rising out of poverty to greater engagement in their communities.

The Equal Justice Campaign is for attorneys and donors from across the community who believe in these fundamental rights, and the remedies they offer to the region’s systemic poverty. Through your generous support, more families will be stabilized, the Pittsburgh region will be strengthened by deeper engagement in the community, and democracy will thrive.

Why Give Now

The pandemic increased injustice for so many.

The repercussions of COVID overwhelmed many Pennsylvanians already reeling from misfortune and injustice. People like you have worked hard to help them recover. Unfortunately, the fallout continues to rule many of our neighbors' lives.

They need someone to stand up for them. They need you!

The stark truth is this: Without you, an already strained legal aid system may fail thousands of people who need our help most. Your contributions - financial, volunteer, and partnership – are essential to providing free civil legal assistance to those in need in the communities where we live and work.

They transform lives by:

  • Defending victims of abuse
  • Preventing homelessness
  • Ensuring health and safety
  • Protecting jobs and economic security
  • Fighting for justice and fairness

Pennsylvania attorneys have joined the Equal Justice Campaign because they believe everyone deserves the same chance at receiving justice. Will you Stand Up for Equal Justice?


On behalf of all of NLS, THANK YOU for being one of our greatest friends and allies as we work together to provide fairness and justice to all the residents of Allegheny, Beaver, Butler and Lawrence Counties here in Southwestern Pennsylvania.